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Drive core deposits with free reward checking.

When it comes to acquisition and lower-cost funding, Kasasa Cash is king. Profitably attract higher-balance, stickier account holders with free reward checking, no minimum balance, ATM fee refunds, and high interest. That's right, profitably.


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Besides acquiring new account holders, Kasasa Cash deposits represent an extremely stable source of low-cost funds compared to other funding sources. You can strategically replace more expensive funding sources with lower-cost transactional deposits. And you're not getting rate chasers, either — 80% of Kasasa accounts regularly use their debit card for point-of-sale swipes and use it on average up to 26 times a month.*


Want to increase products per household? Combine Kasasa Cash with Kasasa Saver®.

With Kasasa, you can:


Get 2x annual profit per account.*


Earn 45% more non-interest income.*


See 2x debit transactions.

The strength of Kasasa’s market research and the passion of their staff is what initially drew us to their cutting-edge products, and partnering with them has been the perfect solution we needed.

— Karen C., CEO, $550MM financial institution in MI.


Overall ROI of 270%2


Increased deposits by $47 million within the first six months of introducing Kasasa accounts2

*Compared to standard free checking, Kasasa Analytics 2018.