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They just need to know you have everything they need and where to find you. 

Community financial institutions (CFIs) are the backbone of every local economy. You’re out there working hard to make life better in the communities you serve, because that’s your home and you care about the people there. It’s the reason we only work with CFIs — because we believe so passionately in what you’re doing.  


You go above and beyond in so many ways: your commitment to personal service, helping people, giving back, and supporting local businesses. No wonder 2/3 of consumers want to bank with you. They just need to know you have what they want and where to find you.  


The world needs to know about the good you’re doing. And we’re telling them.   

People want to eat and buy local; in order to bank local, they need to find you. We’re ready to tell the world about all the good our partner institutions do. And we have the national stage to do it: 

We’re ready to tell the world about all the good our partner institutions do.
And we have the national stage to do it:


Million Pageviews

on Kasasa.com in 2021


Million People

reached on Facebook


Million Impressions

on Twitter

National scale. Local impact.


Kasasa (FI)nder matches consumers with community financial institutions in their area — putting the “FI” in (FI)nder — all from a single website: Kasasa.com. (FI)nder makes it easier for consumers to find you, learn more about what you do, and open a Kasasa account in a fully digital experience. National publicity will drive consumers to this central location where they can get amazing products and services exclusively from local financial institutions.


And research shows they’re ready to hear it.

People are looking for new ways to manage their money. In fact:

Stat 31 percent

of consumers are very/ somewhat likely to change primary providers.1

Stat 18 percent

changed primary providers.2

Stat 85%

of consumers will open an account via app or website.3

Consumer and Banking Insight Study, Kasasa, 2018
2 Galileo financial technologies, 2021 
3 Fico.com, 2021


Now they’ll know you’re out there, and can learn more about what you stand for, and how you’re making a difference. Plus, seeing the national marketing, the network of institutions carrying Kasasa products, the massive web presence, and the Kasasa brand will increase their trust and your credibility even more.



Image of laptop and phone displaying Finder page

Your listing on Kasasa.com will include:

  • A best-in-class web experience consumers expect.
  • Vetted consumer traffic to your detail page to learn more.
  • Featured listing page with institution description, product details, and branch locations. 
  • Access to your existing online account opening or one we create for you.
  • Identity verification prior to account opening. 
  • Ad retargeting to drive account opening. 
  • A robust page highlighting your institution, people, and all you’re doing in your community.

You're already doing so much good in the world. We're excited to add this last piece of the puzzle and watch you bring in more consumers, more checking accounts, more loans, and more relationships. 


It's the way we always wanted it to be. For you.