Our Values | Kasasa

Our Patch is the embodiment of our foundation.


What we accomplish is meaningful, but how we get it done means even more. The Patch is our daily, empowering reminder of how we turn plans into goals, and build together. The Patch is the manifestation of the five key values that drive us: Empowered Ownership, Badassitude, Interdependence, Love, and Elevate. 


But the Patch is more than a symbol. It is the living emblem that speaks to our commitment to one another and our clients. The Patch puts passion behind how we build products, love behind how we serve our clients, innovative plans for the future, and is an illustration of a company culture that works together. It is our uncompromising promise to one another, to our communities, and our clients that each employee strives to embody daily. 

Each of us is responsible for knowing our individual goals, how they fit into the larger company strategy, and delivering the outcomes. Every member of the Kasasa team is empowered, enabled, enabled, and expected to do whatever it takes to get results (without violating our Patch values or the laws, of course). No excuses. 

We Love ourselves, our company, our coworkers, our clients, and consumers. The value of Love gives us the strength to confront any situation with compassion and kindness. We know that Love does what needs doing and says what needs saying. It prioritizes truth and contribution over being agreeable. When we say “Love,” we mean the real kind.

In other companies, this value would be called excellence. It’s a palpable sense of intensity to deliver excellent outcomes because we understand why it matters. The bigger the challenge, the bigger the opportunity to light up our flames and show how much we care. Anything worthy of our effort is worthy of our best effort. We have the determination, grit, and hustle to create excellence – no mediocrity. 

The Spartan phalanx is world-renowned for the innovation it was at the time They fought as one unit, shield-to-shield, completely willing to give everything for their cause. This is what we strive for at Kasasa. We gladly accept the responsibility of ensuring our team’s success doing whatever it takes to ensure the team wins.

A situation can be a problem or a growth opportunity. A person could be a non-playable character in the game of life, or a miracle you get to know. Working at Kasasa could be a paycheck alone or a mission you love to serve. All things can be high or low. Elevate calls us to create the higher possibility that always exists in our current situation.