Insight and Analytics | Kasasa

Make your next big decision backed by industry intel.

See your data in a whole new way.
When you connect with Kasasa’s analytics platform, you get access to a powerful tool that opens up exciting possibilities.


Profitability reporting for your Kasasa-powered accounts.


Frontline performance evaluations outline per-branch results from our Mystery Shop service.


An intuitive user interface, designed for a responsive, stream-lined experience.


Maximum visibility provided by an enterprise-grade platform, connected to a data warehouse using industry-leading security.

Performance and profitability reporting driven by your data

Our world-class analytics platform gives your institution the power to fully harness the strategic and tactical potential of your data.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. By crunching a decade’s worth of data from more than 800 institutions (anonymized, of course), we’re able to generate in-depth reports and recommend strategies that are proven to succeed.

Our Client Success Team transforms data for you:

  • Data science and product expertise to drive strategic decisions from big data
  • Actionable insights based on data and dedicated analysts
  • An integrated analytics ecosystem pooled from all our data resources, even third-parties, on your behalf
  • Consumer segmentation sliced from comprehensive demographic profiles that show exactly who you should target and what media channels to use
  • Peer benchmarking using data from institutions that closely mirror yours, we find opportunities to improve
  • Marketing program effectiveness based on thousands of campaigns we’ve run for our clients — resulting in precise recommendations
  • "What if" scenario reporting and sensitivity modeling allows you to test your theories on our platform and see how strategic decisions play out long-term