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Ready to quickly increase loan volume with high-quality loans?

The Kasasa Loan Placement Program brings quality loans with great yields straight to your balance sheet.

If your community financial institution is looking for high-quality loans delivered in a quick and efficient manner, the Kasasa Loan Placement Program can help you originate loans in two ways. Participating institutions can choose to purchase existing loan pools or enter forward-flow agreements on newly originated loans.

You’ll have the ability to designate the asset classes, credit quality, and desired yields that fit your respective goals.

  • Enhance profitability & ROA — Fill a balance sheet gap, reduce concentration risk within your existing balance sheet, or shift dollars away from low-yielding investments
  • Diversify your balance sheet — A wide array of asset classes provide a broad set of loan options (Kasasa Loan with Take Backs or traditional loans), with core integration that is extremely lightweight.

Interested in joining the Kasasa Loan Placement Program?

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