Kasasa Reward Accounts


Delight consumers with free checking that pays. 

Kasasa accounts have no minimum balance requirements and no monthly maintenance fees. Account holders can earn monthly cash rewards, plus nationwide refunds on ATM withdrawal fees every month they qualify. 


Discover a new source for low-cost funding. 

With expensive CDs, you always pay the promoted rate. Kasasa checking works differently. Consumers must earn rewards by meeting monthly qualifications, like debit card use, e-statement adoption, and direct deposit signup. So you can drive profitable behaviors. 

More than standard free checking.

More than standard free checking.


all-in cost to grow deposits1


less reliance on hot CD money2


less increase in COF2


in total deposits last year, while the industry declined2

1Kasasa Analytics, 2022
2NCUA/FDIC Q2 2023 vs. Q2 2022


Give consumers more options.



Reduce reliance on expensive funding sources like hot CD money with high-yield checking. 



Attract younger consumers who swipe more often with cash back on debit card purchases. 



Appeal to younger consumers with cash back on delivery services and grocery store purchases. 



Reach Gen Y with refunds on debit card purchases for streaming services, including music, video, gaming, and more. 



Help account holders build savings automatically by sweeping their monthly rewards into this high-yield account. 

Proven success formula.

Offering rewards consumers love is just the first step. See your financial institution thrive with data-driven marketing and consultative guidance.


Optimized marketing

Choose self-serve or full-service plans to promote your Kasasa reward accounts and capitalize on a national brand.


Dedicated support

Receive strategic advice and helpful resources, including performance reviews, online training, and actionable analytics.


Results. Our business model at Kasasa is based on ensuring you experience the success you expect. While other rewards-based checking modules are available in the marketplace, the Kasasa solution is truly one of a kind.

There are a host of benefits that make this program unique, but the primary differences are:

  1. The full-circle support provided to ensure your success.
  2. The powerful marketing foundation enabled by the scale of the Kasasa network.

Simply put, we incorporate all the resources and components necessary to ensure you have not only functioning software, but a product strategy with high consumer appeal, compliance oversight, training, mystery shopping, business intelligence, analytics, and world-class marketing support.

Furthermore, the exposure through social media and thousands of online articles about Kasasa helps to strengthen the impact any marketing dollars your financial institution spends on the products locally.

Today, Kasasa means free checking with best-in-class rewards, only available at community financial institutions. Prior to its inception, “Kasasa” had no meaning in the English language. We teamed up with brand-development experts to create a name that’s catchy, fun to say, fun to write, and easy to remember. Kasasa has proven to capture the attention of even the most disengaged consumers. 

The Kasasa portfolio consists of several checking and savings account options. All products were developed out of consumer research and are aimed at attracting the type of consumer who would otherwise take their relationship to a megabank. Kasasa helps overcome perception gaps by offering compelling rewards, nationwide refunds on ATM withdrawal fees, and best-in-class marketing messages that show consumers there is scale and innovation behind the products offered locally. The best part about it is that the accounts generate stickier, more profitable, and more loyal relationships with your organization.

Kasasa accounts are always free with no minimum balance (because that’s what consumers say matters most). Even better, the accounts offer nationwide refunds on ATM withdrawal fees and compelling rewards when certain qualifications are met each month. Depending on which account the consumer chooses, the reward could be high yields, cash back on debit card purchases, cash back for groceries and delivery, or reimbursements for streaming services.

The qualifications are tailored to the corporate goals you have shared with the Kasasa team and are structured so that consumers find them easy to achieve (for example, using a debit card, adopting e-statements or online banking). If an account holder does not qualify in a given month, they would not receive rewards, but the account remains free and can qualify for rewards again next month.

Kasasa has a very high client retention rate because our clients have consistently seen success. Though unlikely, we want you to have peace of mind that if, for some reason the program should not perform, your bases are covered. Part of the Kasasa Checking System agreement is a profitability guarantee with a one-year out. If the annual profits from Kasasa accounts in the first year do not exceed fees paid to Kasasa, we will cut you a check for the difference. At that time, you would then have the opportunity to exit the relationship. Details are further outlined in the contractual agreement.