Lending strategies for 2021 and beyond
Lending strategies for 2021 and beyond

Lending strategies for 2021 and beyond

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Lots of financial institutions are sweating their loan-to-deposit ratios right now. Everybody is trying to re-balance their balance sheets in 2021. There’s no two ways about it, competition for loans will be fierce in the coming year and the challenges are plentiful. On this episode, Greg Schultz, a Director of Product Management at Kasasa and our resident expert on the world of lending, makes predictions about the coming year and what he thinks the winning strategies will be.


Community financial institutions have wrestled with tough market conditions and un-even growth.

  • Business and mortgage lending have boomed, consumer lending has struggled, and loan-to-deposit ratios are a source of anxiety.
  • Fintech companies have lots of cash on hand and are aggressively pursuing consumers for their borrowing and deposit needs.
  • Community banks and credit unions need to offer better experiences, better products, and better service in order to earn loyalty from their account holders.

The rest of 2021 will test financial institutions’ nimbleness, ingenuity, and commitment to innovation.

  • As vaccine distribution increases, consumer activity should bounce back, including depressed industries such as travel. This should stimulate growth for vacation loans and other dormant borrowing categories.
  • Identifying creditworthy borrowers will continue to be a challenge. There are fintech companies working to capitalize on this need.
  • Our internal analysis revealed that 30% of borrowers are paying on debt held by a lender other than the one holding the checking account. Those borrowers can and should be yours. The Kasasa Loan can help you recapture their business.

What’s Kasasa?

Kasasa® is an award-winning financial technology and marketing services company dedicated to helping both community financial institutions and consumers experience what it means to "Be Proud of Your Money." We're known for providing reward checking accounts consumers love, the first-ever loan with Take-Backs, relationship-powered referral programs, and ongoing expert consulting services to community financial institutions.

By working exclusively with community banks and credit unions, Kasasa is helping to strengthen local economies across the nation, building a virtuous cycle of keeping consumers' dollars where they can do the most good. Our mission is to power a network of financial institutions in all 50 states offering products and services that are clearly beneficial for the consumer and the institutions offering them.