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We believe in our values.

Culture shouldn't be defined by what's in the break room. It should be built on a strong foundation of shared beliefs. We help every employee understand our values — and we all do our best to embody these principles.

Zac Garver, B2B Copywriter

"The Love Fund's mandate is to discreetly support our employees with transformational generosity and compassion. It’s an opportunity to help people and be mostly invisible while doing it — like a Santa-Claus-hope-ninja. I couldn’t be more proud of what we do."

Dorothy Bauer, Retail Experience Consultant

"The Tiger Team brought together representatives from across the company — allowing us to improve the implementation of Kasasa Loans. From solving problems to celebrating wins, we're passionate about helping our clients succeed."

Sree Bhikkaji, VP Business Process Management

"My proudest moment at Kasasa has to be when I received my Patch Coin. Leading the migration to a new CRM system wasn't easy. But the efficiency we gained for customers and coworkers was worth the effort. At the end of the day, I know I've done right by my people."

Kirsten Longnecker, VP Communications & B2B Content

"I proposed the idea for the Kasasa Professional Organization of Women to the executive team. Our CEO immediately asked to be a sponsor. Ka-POW is now an integral part of Kasasa’s efforts to address intersectional issues, personal growth, and equality."

We're one of the best places to do award-winning work


Best Consumer Lending Platform

Best Consumer Lending Platform

2015 - 2020

Austin Business Journal's Top 10 Best Places to Work

Austin Business Journal's Top 10 Best Places to Work

2018 - 2019

Best Places to Work in Financial Technology

Best Places to Work in Financial Technology

Headquartered in Silicon Hills.

We put down roots in Austin over ten years ago.
We can't wait to see where we'll be ten years from now.

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