Committed to helping you keep your money in your community. 

Kasasa is committed to helping people stay connected to their communities (and the people in them) by making it more rewarding to bank local. Not everyone knows it, but most community financial institutions offer world-class financial products as well as a great consumer experience.

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Power to the people.

We only work with community banks and credit unions because they have roots in their communities, great customer service, and are actively invested in serving the people and businesses that help keep their community’s economy strong. 

Community Banks

PROVIDE 60% of small
business loans.1
MAKE 80% of all agricultural

Credit Unions

HAVE A 40% approval rate for
small business loans.3
HAD AN 87% satisfaction rating from
small business borrowers
in 2020.4


How do community banks and credit unions help keep money local?

See some examples of how it works below.  

Here’s why we work with community
financial institutions…

Community Institutions

Well-established and active in the community
Heavily invested in the local economy
Reputation for outstanding personal service
Physical branches with service representatives ready to help you
A real person actually answers the phone
Historically proven to be trustworthy.

…and why we don’t allow megabanks and neobanks to distribute our products.

Megabanks and Neobanks

Care much more about shareholders than account holders
Use money and power to rig the system in their favor.
Prioritize expanding a global empire over improving the communities they’re in

The best banking experience

We know that people matter and human interaction is just as important as technology and convenience. Kasasa partners with financial institutions you already know and trust — because they’re established in your community, ready to give you that personal attention when you need it. And we are building a robust mobile and online experience to make sure that when you need access online, it’s all there too.