Is your website turning people away?
Is your website turning people away?

Is your website turning people away?

Digital customer journey tips for upping your online experience

79% of consumers find it important to have a complete digital experience when selecting a financial institution.* What does “complete” mean in this context? It means that from start to finish – first interaction with your online brand to last – people experience straightforward, simple ways to find your products, fund them or receive funds, and get approved, all online.

That end-to-end experience represents your customers’ digital journey. There are two primary stages where even simple updates can expand your institution’s digital footprint – the online account opening experience and your website.

Let’s look at digital account opening, first, with a few questions you can probably answer even without opening your webpage.


Digital account opening

  • Is digital account opening easy to find on your website?

  • Is it a simple process – 3 or fewer steps?

  • Can your application pre-fill data, based on known data or ID upload?

  • Can consumers open new accounts and loans from start to finish online?

  • Is the application accessible on any device, computer or mobile?

When consumers are considering your financial institution or after a future customer or member has “opened the door” via online account opening, they’ll be visiting your online business often. Let’s take a look at your website to see where you stand compared to digital experience best practices.



  • Is your site able to be found on page 1 of Google results? Open a web browser and search the following.

    • checking accounts Your City, Your State

    • free checking account City, State

    • auto loan City, State

    • mortgage loan City, State

    • savings account City, State

    • Your Financial Institution Name City, State

  • Does your site take less than 5 seconds to load?

  • Does the site look modern and professional compared to competitors?

  • Does the site use space efficiently (not too cluttered, information is easy to find)?

  • Are products nicely displayed on your homepage and any seasonal content is up to date?

  • Do you have a search box?

  • Do all website links work?

  • Are the buttons and other site navigation intuitive, allowing users to easily find the products they’re looking for?

  • Are the images appropriate (i.e., appropriate setting, variety of images, etc.)?

  • Is the website easy for anyone to read (typeface size and colors)?

  • Is your logo fixed in one position and prominent on the site, so the user always knows what site they’re on? When clicked, does it link to your homepage?

  • Is it easy to find your location, hours, and contact information?

  • Can you view the site on any device?

You’re smart to take a few moments to review your online account opening and website with fresh eyes. For consumers looking for loans or switching accounts, it’s important that financial institutions consider optimizing the digital customer experience in addition to the great customer service and in-branch touchpoints you already provide. Let’s summarize the best practices that attract and retain consumer attention.


Top 10 must-haves for a seamless digital journey that turns consumers into loyal account holders.

  1. Fast, end-to-end onboarding process for accounts and loans

  2. SEO-optimized website

  3. Prominent callouts to your digital capabilities

  4. Fast load times

  5. Attractive design

  6. Search box

  7. Working links

  8. UX-optimized, intuitive navigation

  9. Diverse, relevant images

  10. Mobile responsive


For a printable version of this assessment, download this file.


*Kasasa survey conducted online by The Harris Poll among 1,045 U.S. adults ages 18+, March 2020. For more information on the survey, please contact

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