Blog | Kasasa | Borrowing (4)
Blog | Kasasa | Borrowing (4)
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Guide to using a personal loan for holiday travel

You want to hit the road this holiday season, either to see your loved ones, or to escape the work-from-home rat race for some much needed you time.

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Why you should look into auto refinancing TODAY

When is the right time to refinance my car loan? Our quick answer: RIGHT NOW! The final weeks of 2021 might be a specifically good time to refinance.

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When to use a personal loan for holiday shopping

Understand the benefits of using a personal loan for the holidays, what to consider when shopping for a loan, and why it might save you money in the end.

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How — and where — to refinance your auto loan

If you’re a car owner looking to refinance your vehicle, we’re here to give you a comprehensive picture of how to refinance your car. Get a pen and paper.

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How to get a personal loan for the holidays

There are many scenarios when taking out a personal loan rather than credit card transactions can be the smarter, easier way to pay for the holidays.

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Why — and when — to refinance your auto loan

There are crucial pros and cons to consider before refinancing your auto loan: reasons, potential downsides, and when and why it may be right for you.

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10 Important facts about debt

Despite the drop in credit card debt in 2020, the average U.S. household holds nearly $90,500 in total loan debt. These ten facts may guide your financial wellness plan.

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Where can I borrow money?

Here’s what to think about when you’re trying to figure out where to take out a personal loan, and the pros and cons of each major type of lender.

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Five things to know about car loans before applying

When it's time to sign your name, having a plan for how to obtain and manage your vehicle loan should be just as important as the features you want.

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About Kasasa

We believe your money should do more... for you and your community. Founded in 2003, Kasasa is a financial and technology services company working to help empower consumers to take control of their finances and be proud of their money by banking locally with community banks and credit unions in your neighborhood, that you know and trust.

These local institutions have roots in their communities, care about people over profits, and are actively invested in local businesses to help keep the economy strong (unlike some of the megabanks we could name).

We believe you shouldn't have to choose between the best banking products, the best customer experience, or keeping your money local, where it can do more good. We've created ethical banking products and partnered exclusively with community banks and credit unions. So you can have it all.

Kasasa accounts are available at community financial institutions around the country. Find one near you at to get free checking that pays cash rewards, the only loan with Take-Backs, and more. All while keeping your money in the community, so you can always be proud of your money.