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Say goodbye to phantom growth with a new approach.

It's a common problem. Deposits might be coming in, but many are too expensive and don't last. With Kasasa, you can move past phantom growth and start driving real growth.

Real growth looks like:

Real growth looks like:


Higher average balances per account.


more non-interest income.


less reliance on expensive CDs.

To drive that growth and gain consumers for life, you need to:

Change the math

Increase deposits and grow at a lower Cost Of Funds.

Kasasa demand deposit accounts allow you to offer a higher rate and save money compared to other deposit products - with the added benefit of creating primary financial relationships, which lead to more non-interest income and more loans. 

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Go to market in a proven way that drives results.

Leverage Kasasa’s expertise in product design, marketing strategy, compliance and retail activation to attract younger and more engaged consumers.

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Optimize program performance through regular analysis and consultation.

We’ll be with your team every step of the way with dedicated regional resources and best-in-class data analytics to make sure you succeed.

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Products people love.

Checking accounts
Empowering loans
Digital branches
Account opening

Kasasa Checking Accounts 

Grow core deposits at


average all-in cost and


less reliance on expensive CDs.

Kasasa checking accounts grow low-cost deposits, increase engagement, and create stickier relationships with younger consumers — all while reducing reliance on expensive CDs.

Take-Back® Loan feature

Engage borrowers that are


more likely to add a checking account.

Give borrowers more control with Take-Backs. This innovative feature empowers people to pay ahead on their loans — knowing they can access those extra dollars at any time.

FIRSTBranch® websites

Lower your account acquisition costs by



Increase traffic, engagement, and account opening with a full-featured online experience. More than 850 banks and credit unions have entrusted their websites to FIRSTBranch.

INMO digital account opening

See a


increase in digital application completion.

Enhance the account opening process for consumers and staff. This omnichannel onboarding platform allows applicants to open and fund accounts in just five minutes.

Proven formula to maximize your results.

Innovative products are just the beginning. See your institution thrive with proven marketing to get noticed and a dedicated support team that's accountable for results.

Optimized marketing

  • Increase efficiency with tested assets from a digital library.
  • Deepen relationships by leveraging email programs.
  • Attract consumers with a multi-channel marketing plan.
  • Drive traffic to your website from an online search tool.

Dedicated support

  • Partner with dedicated consultants focused on your success. 
  • Get expert guidance based on more than 20 years of data. 
  • Adjust product designs with proactive performance analysis. 
  • Activate your retail team with initial and ongoing training. 

Client Success Stories

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