How to avoid overpaying for a hotel
How to avoid overpaying for a hotel
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How to avoid overpaying for a hotel

All of us love traveling, especially just the getting-away-from-it-all part of the vacation. When it comes to the cost, it is always better to spend extra on memorable souvenirs or a special dinner at a local restaurant than on hotel add-ons. But how do avoid overpaying and enjoy your stay?


In today's age, people tend to work remotely and travel around the world. Many locals are aware of the tendency and are trying to adjust the prices of accommodation, whether it's a hotel or a guest house. There are a few tips and tricks which help to avoid overpaying for your stay.


8 Ways to save money on hotels

Whether you are shopping online with the masses, searching local map apps for reviews, or looking for that one-of-a-kind hideaway, where you stay will account for a big chunk of your vacation dollars. It's worth taking a look at a couple of handfuls of tips to help you shave a little off the cost.

1. Set up hotel discount notifications

Just like you can set alerts for flights, you can set alerts for cheap hotel deals. On you can set up notifications for an entire city, or, on you can set alerts for the specific room of your dreams. If you've fallen in love with a place and are convinced that you are going to return in a year, try booking it a year early — it will save you a fortune.

2. Snag coupon deals

Once you’ve made a decision, make sure you didn’t miss any special offers, discounts, or coupon deals. Sites like Expedia and Trivago are always running promotions. Do a quick Google search for coupons or special seasonal promotions that the specific hotel might be offering. Another option is buying a gift discount card… for yourself. The website Gift Card Granny is a great option for finding additional discounts.

3. Choose the right location

The best way to save on hotels is to book one outside the city center. If you are going to a major city, check the various districts or suburbs to see if one offers a major discount. This can be an especially wise choice if you plan on spending most of your day outside of the hotel — walking around and seeing attractions. Picking the cheaper hotel room will allow you to spend more on what really matters to you.

4. Join loyalty programs

Sign up for loyalty programs. Hotel chains, as well as many booking sites, such as, offer you free room nights after several bookings. Your credit card might also offer specials at specific hotels. If you work for a large employer, there might be employee perks that include hotel discounts. check on your company's intranet, or ask your benefits team.


Originally known for its bidding system of travel pricing, offers exclusive offers when you sign up for emails. You can always opt out after you book your reservations.  Even AAA offers hotel discounts for its members.

5. Opt in for last-minute deals

Some sites, such as Another option for procrastinators is the last-minute deal. Hotel Tonight offers same-day deals, sometimes with discounts as high as 70% off. offers a Deal of the Day, which is always changing if you are feeling a tad adventurous.

6. Grab a room with breakfast

You have to eat, so why not look for a hotel that offers a free breakfast? Not only can you fill up and get you through more of the day, but breakfast buffets often offer fruit. Grab a couple so that you can have a snack while you're out and about. If you slept in, don't fret, ask the front desk if it is possible to get a couple of pieces of fruit or a packaged muffin in a to-go bag.

7. Book a package

On many sites, you can get discounts on hotels and rental cars when booking them in conjunction with your flight. Southwest Airlines, for example, lets you choose to book through their preferred hotels to help you earn extra frequent-flyer points.

If you have the time, check both hotel booking engines and the hotel's website. You might be able to get the same price, or better, using a hotel chain's best price guarantee offer.8. 

8. Ask the internet

You can always find lots of suggestions on how to save even more. Many travel blogs can share their experiences with you and help you save money and make the most of your getaway.

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