Shop smart on back-to-school electronics
Shop smart on back-to-school electronics
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Shop smart on back-to-school electronics

The back-to-school shopping season is in full swing with ads and sales in almost every store. It’s an exciting time, but it's also an expensive one, especially for those scholars heading off to college. Computers and other electronics are high on college students’ needs, and even for many younger learners, but they sure make a dent on the family budget.


Fortunately, many companies offer back-to-school deals or educational discounts, so you can go straight to the source for better prices on the electronic supplies you need for school.


Insider tip: Some retail sites default to their home page. Be sure to search for "student" or "back-to-school" for the pricing and deals for your educational needs.

1. Apple® student pricing 


Apple offers generous discounts for students and teachers alike. You can check out their website for a full list of product deals for everything from MacBooks to iPads. They also usually offer specials for students. Depending on the school year, most recently students buying a Mac, iPad, or iPhone for college could receive a free pair of Beats headphones, an Apple gift card, or other special offers.

2. Dell® specials for students


Dell also offers an impressive support package in case of accidental damage, which you’ll need in case anything happens to your precious computer while you’re working on all those important college assignments. There are also added perks that may distract from the learning, or just give the family some entertainment options once the homework is finished.

3. Best Buy® BTS deals


It's likely you'll need more tech than just the computer, so Best Buy offers special computer pricing for the back-to-school season, but also deals on peripherals, such as flash drives, keyboards, and earbuds. Check back at their website regularly for even more deals, or get a membership for added deals direct to you.

4. Lenovo® student discounts


Lenovo’s student-teacher-parent discount program helps everyone get homework done with discounted laptops, tablets, and desktop computers. On their website, you can search for recommendations, especially for college students separate from primary and secondary school options. Teachers, look for your own section, too.

5. HP® Education store


Find top offers and discounts on computer products and services when you shop online at HP’s website. The site brags of savings of over 50% off for college students who register using their .edu email address.

6. Microsoft® discount options


In addition to laptops (and yes, gaming system passes), Microsoft also offers student discounts on Microsoft 365 software packages for students and parents.


What electronics do you need for the back-to-school season? Make this your first lesson of the school year: Take advantage of these discounts to start the year with a little extra in your bank account.

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