7 Cool savings tips to lower your temperature this summer
7 Cool savings tips to lower your temperature this summer
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7 Cool savings tips to lower your temperature this summer

What's more important: staying cool this summer or saving money this summer? The answer may depend on the thermometer as much as your budget.


Staying cool is priority number one during the summer. But if you’re not careful, keeping your cool might make your budget expand in the heat.

Here are seven ways to stay fresh and save money:

1. Make your own refreshments

Iced coffee, lemonade, kiwi-banana smoothies — restaurants will be taking you to the bank on your hydration needs, so make your own drinks at home and carry a water bottle while you’re out.

2. Visit local watering holes

Whether it’s your city pool, a friend’s apartment, or your own backyard, spend some time in the sun and water, getting your vitamin D the natural way. If you live near a public pool, consider a summer pass to save on the per visit fee.


Keep your kids entertained (and avoid them whining for a more expensive water park trip) by planning fun water games that don’t come with a hefty ticket price. Here are a couple dozen wet and wonderful ideas to get the fun started.

3. Cool your pulse point

Get an ice pack to place on your wrists or hold them under cool running water. It’ll chill the blood flowing through your veins, lowering your body temperature. There are plenty of pulse points on your body that you can use to cool off when the temperature heats up.

4. Work out in the early mornings or evenings

Avoid coupling healthy body exhaustion from exercise with unhealthy (and un-fun) heat exhaustion by cutting the sun from your workout setting. With more hours of daylight, get up (or stay up) and enjoy them.

5. Turn off the AC and open the windows

Air conditioning will bump up your utility bill in the summer, depending on the size of your home or apartment. Turning off the AC on days that aren't quite as sweltering, opening windows, and using a fan will help cool you down without raising your bill. It won’t be as cool as air conditioning, but with time, you might adjust.


One reason the summer heat seems so deplorable is because of traveling from extremes — hot and steamy outside to ice cold air inside. Using less AC inside will mean less of a shock when you go outside.

6. Get a haircut

It definitely feels good to lose the extra weight and feel a breeze on your neck. There may not be scientific proof to back it up, but even just pulling it up and away is a step in the right direction.


Important tip: If you opt to go short — really short — in the summertime, don't forget the sunscreen on skin that isn't used to so much direct sun.

7. Eat spicy food

Cultures in the hottest regions of the world are responsible for some of the spiciest cuisine. While the idea may seem counterintuitive, the heat sensation from spicy food will cause a sweat which actually helps you cool down faster. Plan meals that include a little kick to help you manage the warm days.


Do you still drink hot coffee in the summer? Good idea! The concept also works with hot beverages, too. Of course, if you're splashing water on your face, opt for the cool water on the outside and save the warm beverages for drinking.

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