Save big on your New Year's Eve party with one signature cocktail
Save big on your New Year's Eve party with one signature cocktail
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Save big on your New Year's Eve party with one signature cocktail

Everyone loves walking into a party with a fully stocked bar, knowing that someone has pulled out all the stops to make sure everyone has a good time. But when you’re hosting a New Year’s Eve party at your place, buying all those bottles, bitters, and mixers can be awfully pricey.


Take a simpler route and save yourself some money without skimping on pizzazz. Serve up a signature drink, and that should be plenty to create a festive vibe. Here are some suggested beverages guaranteed to ensure a good (but affordable) time for all.

Champagne bar


Champagne is the nectar of New Year’s cheer. So, why not borrow from the brunch playbook and let your guests build their own pretty champagne cocktails, using fresh fruit and juices?

Punch bowl


This spicy, seasonal Highland Punch makes the party super easy. Put in the 30 minutes of work on the front end, pour the results into a punch bowl, and you’re free to enjoy the festivities with your friends.

Champagne with a twist


Serve up pitchers of champagne margaritas. You'll serve a drink that’s sparkly and festive enough for the new year with that kick of lime and tequila to make it interesting.

Celebrate coziness


Your crock pot is the perfect vessel to serve up some warm winter drinks for a crowd. Apple cider takes an adult turn when you add spiced rum and mulling spices.

Cocktails in ice


Even if you didn’t get a spherical ice mold trays for Christmas, you will still want to check out this tutorial on how to serve a cocktail inside a ball of ice.


What’s worse than a hangover on New Year’s Day? Knowing that you also have credit card bills from the party hanging over you. If you find the right social lubricant for your crowd, you can keep the party going well into the wee hours of the new year. Don't forget to alternate cocktails with a glass of water to stay hydrated.

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