Dorm Room Cooking Hacks
Dorm Room Cooking Hacks
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Dorm Room Cooking Hacks

Let’s face it. When you’re in college, eating healthy is really not your top priority. You have much bigger, more important things to worry about. It is interesting though, that whenever I’d get back to my dorm room, whether that be from the library, class, or a night out with friends, I’d always be craving something to eat. This excludes the times that I’d come directly home after purging myself on everything in the dining hall.


Whatever the scenario is, you're hungry. And all you have is your dorm room. Let’s assume the pizza place is closed, and you don’t have (or need to) be spending money on that Chinese food spot. So where do you turn?


Here are the best food hacks that we have found for anyone living in the dorms (or for any college student for that matter). These food hacks can help you save money, feed those cravings, and make you look like the coolest kid on the dorm floor.


The tools you will need: a microwave, toaster oven, and waffle iron. We're assuming you have a mini-fridge in your room too. Also, be a friend and clean up after yourself, and don't set off the fire alarm, k?


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