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How To Start A Garden

Gardening can bring your yard to life with beautiful flowers and delicious produce, but did you know that gardening also produces numerous health benefits? Not only does gardening reduce stress; it can also help boost self-esteem and increase your hand strength and dexterity.


In order to experience all these benefits, though, you need a place to start. Here are some basic tips for starting your very own garden.

Choose what to grow


Before you choose which plants to grow, check out these resources for determining your hardiness zone and soil type. Once you have that knowledge, it all comes down to what plants you like and how much time you can invest in caring for them.

Build a simple raised bed


A raised garden bed keeps your plants away from pests and provides proper drainage and access. With a few simple materials and tools, you can build one yourself. To find full instructions for building a raised bed complete with tips for keeping out pests, check out this step-by-step guide.

Get the right tools


There are endless tools and gadgets designed to simplify your life as a gardener, but for now, you can start with the basics. Every gardener’s shed needs good pruners, gloves, a rake, a spade and a long, adjustable hose with a rain wand. You might want more tools eventually, but don’t go overboard right away. Invest in the best tools you can afford so they’ll last.

Maintain and appreciate your plants


From planting to weeding, there’s always something to be done in a garden. While some plants are more troublesome than others, maintaining your garden and observing the changes will be the most enjoyable part. Work regularly in your garden to stay on top of any problems that come up.


This season, experience the health benefits of gardening and create something beautiful in your yard. Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to calling yourself a gardener.

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