Constantly on the move? Doesn’t mean a megabank is better
Constantly on the move? Doesn’t mean a megabank is better
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Constantly on the move? Doesn’t mean a megabank is better

“I like knowing that no matter where I move in the U.S., my mega is everywhere!”


Well, guess what? So is Kasasa. By tackling common misconceptions about why you can still bank local even when you're on the move, we're pointing out why bigger isn't always better.


With the changing job market over the past two years, millennials and young families are constantly on the move. Whether you're relocating for a new job or you simply have a case of wanderlust, national large banks that has branch locations where you currently live seems like a better option, but a community bank or credit union often can meet your needs and provide extra services you may need as you travel.

"I won't be able to find a convenient ATM when I am away from home."


With Kasasa, your ATM is on every corner. You don't have to search for an ATM connected to your big bank. You'll receive refunds on ATM fees across the country, so you can access your money wherever you are.


"I won't have the convenience of online banking with a local financial institution."


Most community banks and credit unions have the same online banking technology that the large banks have, allowing you to view e-statements, log into your account, and pay bills online. You can also make Kasasa deposits at any ATM, and a local credit union or community bank even have its own mobile app for remote deposits and handy transfers.


"I can get free checking at any megabank."


Kasasa isn't just a free checking account. Local financial institutions offering Kasasa actually pay you cash rewards each month just for doing normal things, like using your debit card and signing up for e-statements. Kasasa is better than free.


"It will be too complicated and inconvenient to switch banks."


While you may think switching from a big bank can be a hassle, making the switch to a local bank or credit union is much easier than you think. In fact, 81% of people who switched said doing so wasn't difficult at all. Switching your accounts could be as easy as picking up the phone. Check out these tips for switching to a local bank and you'll never look back.


"What if I need to speak to someone about my account?"


Whether you are tracking an unexpected charge on your credit card or you need personalized financial services, you may discover that customer service support is available and often more personalized with a community bank. Local banks and credit unions excel at providing exceptional service for your banking needs, plus banking local supports local business and boosts the local economy these local financial institutions serve.


With Kasasa, it's time to forget the excuses. Switch to a local community bank or credit union for the personalized service and better rates you need without sacrificing convenience. You may just come to realize a small bank offers you bigger value and better rewards than an oversized big bank.

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We believe your money should do more... for you and your community. Founded in 2003, Kasasa is a financial and technology services company working to help empower consumers to take control of their finances and be proud of their money by banking locally with community banks and credit unions in your neighborhood, that you know and trust.

These local institutions have roots in their communities, care about people over profits, and are actively invested in local businesses to help keep the economy strong (unlike some of the megabanks we could name).

We believe you shouldn't have to choose between the best banking products, the best customer experience, or keeping your money local, where it can do more good. We've created ethical banking products and partnered exclusively with community banks and credit unions. So you can have it all.

Kasasa accounts are available at community financial institutions around the country. Find one near you to get free checking that pays cash rewards each month you qualify, the only loan with Take-Backs™, and more.