Female bloggers making waves in personal finance
Female bloggers making waves in personal finance
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Female bloggers making waves in personal finance

We’re featuring women who can help you pay off debt, grow your wealth, and live the lifestyle you're dreaming of. Thanks to the internet, we have instant access to a range of female bloggers who are experts in "personal finance" and helping to transform our attitudes about money.


Chances are you’ve heard of Suze Orman, Rachel Cruze (Dave Ramsey’s daughter) and Farnoosh Torabi — women who have graced mainstream media outlets with their savvy advice for years. But the reality is, there are lots of super talented female financial writers out there. These female bloggers are changing perceptions and lives with their online presence:


Female finance blogger - Erin Lowry - Kasasa Blog

Erin Lowry @ Broke Millennial

Witty, relevant, and honest, Erin makes topics like drafting your last will and testament approachable without glossing over the critical details. Once you start reading her spirited, often gritty adventures in financial literacy, it’s hard to stop.


Female Finance Blogger Melanie Lockert - Kasasa Blog

Melanie @ Dear Debt

Melanie's blog offers a subtle, cathartic approach to dealing with the financial burden of debt. It's a hybrid between a support group and a financial kick in the pants. Many blogs feature letters written by followers and addressed to the anthropomorphic “Debt.” It is a fresh perspective on the emotional side of emancipation from debt.


Female Finance Blogger Jessica Moorhouse - Kasasa Blog

Jessica @ JessicaMoorhouse.com

Delightful, thoughtful, and Canadian to boot! Jessica Moorhouse blogs and podcasts about financial aptitude in a way that feels bright and engaging. She weaves together her personal journey with financial lessons and leaves you wanting to hear mo’.


Female Finance Blogger Stefanie O'Connell - Kasasa Blog

Stefanie @ StefanieOConnell.com

Stephanie O'Connell Rodriguez has been featured in a slew of media channels, both broadcast and digital, with good reason. She presents upbeat solutions to financial challenges that are unique to Millennials. Stephanie has been described as “a financial expert with a best friend's voice.”


Female Finance Blogger Tonya Rapley - Kasasa Bloga

Tonya @ MyFabFinance.com

Tonya is laser-focused on helping people end the cycle of paycheck-to-paycheck living and feel fabulous about it. She dives into emotional topics like filing for bankruptcy and dealing with car repossession. Her advice is free of judgment and directed at those who may have little to no financial literacy.


If spending smarter is something you’re eager to do more of this year, we recommend following any of these ladies. The communities they’ve built are guaranteed to inspire, motivate, and even make you laugh on a daily basis.

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