The Best Part-time Jobs For College Students
The Best Part-time Jobs For College Students
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The Best Part-time Jobs For College Students

The part-time job I held in college saved my finances for years to come.


Not only did it prevent me from taking out more student loans, it helped me manage my time, and build up my Spring break fund.


Most students know the financial struggle that comes with college. Whether it's student loans or just the grind of college life, a part-time job has the ability to boost your financial outlook with minimal effort.


We did our research on the some of the best part-time jobs college students can hold down while still making good grades.



Love kids? This is the job for you.



  • Good pay (average of $13.50 an hour)

  • Possible downtime to focus on studies when/if the kids nap

  • Flexible schedule

Bank teller


Learn about the power of money. Everyone could use a little bit of financial literacy in his or her life, especially a college student.



  • Flexible schedule

  • A job skill that is needed everywhere you might live in the future

  • A chance to understand how you can put your money to work

*Best place to look for a bank teller job is at your local community bank or credit union. Also a hidden resource for college scholarships!

Server or bartender


This is a character builder. You will look at the world differently when you leave this job. Whether that’s good or bad, that’s for you to decide.



  • Tip money

  • Co-workers are generally social

  • Flexible schedule if you make it known when you can and cannot work

*Managers may take advantage of your time if you do not explicitly tell them when you cannot work. Trust me.



Easy money for those who love cars.



  • Average of $12 an hour
  • Study or read on your downtime
  • Drive some super sweet cars

Teacher's assistant


A great way to get ahead in college.



  • Average pay of $10.50 an hour

  • Lose your fear of public speaking

  • Get in with your professors

  • Meet other like-minded students



Show off your expertise and give back. Plus get paid!



  • Up to $15 an hour

  • Flexible hours

  • Resume booster



If you have something you're passionate about, write about it. You may just make some money!



  • Work your own hours

  • Residual income

  • Write about things that interest you

Dog walker


Puppy love is a beautiful thing. If you are constantly stopping to pet other people’s dogs, maybe you should try to get paid for spending time with them.



  • Up to $20 an hour

  • Flexible schedule

  • The opportunity for serious earning potential



Work your way up to coffee aficionados, and a world of opportunities will present themselves.



  • Flexible work schedule

  • Possible health care (Starbucks)

  • Guaranteed to make you "hipper"

  • Up to $10 an hour



Not always paid, but you get to spend your time doing something that could make you some real money when you graduate and land a job.



  • Resume booster

  • Possible hourly rate

  • Networking opportunities

Resident assistant (RA)


Did somebody say free housing? Yes, that is right! You may have to deal with some rowdy freshman though.



  • Partial or fully paid housing

  • You will have so many stories

  • Increase your management skills

Put your extra time to good use and utilize one of these part-time jobs to help you boost your income, and gather valuable life skills.


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