The Kasasa Loan®.
The smartest way to borrow.

Get out of debt faster by paying ahead when you can without sacrificing your financial safety net.


  • Auto loans
  • Home improvement loans
  • Wedding loans
  • Vacation loans


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Finally, you can have Take-Backs — so you can pay ahead knowing those extra funds are available if you need them back later. 

The Kasasa Loan makes it easy to take control of your debt.

Save big on interest by paying ahead when you can.

Get Take-Backs so you can withdraw those extra funds later, penalty-free.

Award-winning app* keeps you in control.

See your loan at a glance — on a graph (built for both left- and right-brained people).

Swipe to see how different monthly payments can help you save on interest.

Easily make a payment, set up or change AutoPay, or get a Take-Back®.

Access your Take-Back balance if you need it. Or, just look at it proudly!

Don't worry about misplacing documents — they're all in the app.

Pay off your loan faster or build an emergency fund… Why not both?

Most traditional loans allow you to pay more than the fixed monthly payment to get out of debt sooner. But that can be scary because once you hand that money over — it's gone.

With the Kasasa Loan, additional funds over your minimum monthly payment are available later if you need them, penalty-free. So you never have to choose between getting out of debt sooner or having a financial safety net.

Start getting ahead on your loan by paying above your minimum monthly payment to get out of debt sooner.
Paying off your loan early means less interest paid. The sooner you pay it off, the more you’ll save!
Those additional funds go into your Take-Back balance — accessible at the click of a button, penalty-free.
The more you pay ahead, the sooner you can pay off your loan, and the more money you have available to access if you need it later.

See how the Kasasa Loan is different.

Mobile-friendly dashboard keeps you in control
Take-Back balance serves as a rainy-day fund
Free access to Take-Back balance anytime
Easy to track loan progress
See how changing payment affects payoff before you do it
Peace of mind so you can get ahead
Fixed rate means no surprises
Competitive interest rate
Can pay ahead to get out of debt early
Traditional Loans The Kasasa Loan

The Kasasa Loan is changing how people manage their debt.

Does your financial institution offer the Kasasa Loan? Ask them why not!

Kasasa has helped me pay off hospital bills. I love how easy the app is to use. I can check my loan at any time.

Dawn S.

I was paying double on four loans to get them paid off faster. The Kasasa Loan got me one easy monthly payment AND gives me peace of mind — any extra I put in I can take back out if I need to.

Jamie K.

The Kasasa Loan shows me how much interest I’ve paid and when I can pay it off... I’m already ahead on my auto loan!

Kristen C.

It’s a great loan to use. I can pay ahead each month then take that money back out and it won’t hurt anything. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a loan.

Shane L.

The Kasasa Loan made it possible to afford a new car and still have a safety net.

Jamie D.

The Kasasa Loan has helped me so much… Being able to see my loan on the app has also helped immensely, as I’ve been able to keep complete track of my finances.

Emilee L.