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How to refinance your student loan

Whether you just graduated or just getting ready to resume payments, it's time to learn how to refinance student loans — because, after all, we never stop learning.

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5 Highly effective ways to improve your credit before getting a loan

Keep your credit score is in good shape before you apply for a loan with five ways you can keep tabs on your credit report and track your credit score.

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Can you refinance a personal loan?

Before you get too far down the road refinancing your personal loan, it's good to have an idea of where you’re headed and the benefits it may offer.

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Your guide to using personal loans for debt consolidation

Which debt consolidation loan is right for you? There's no one-size-fits-all answer, but we can point you in the direction to find the size that fits you.

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When to consider a personal loan for home improvement

you can obtain a personal loan to pay for minor home renovation costs without stretching your wallet, so let's find out how your lending options compare.

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Does your loan come with Take-Backs™?

Introducing the Kasasa Loan®, the only loan with Take-Backs so you can pay ahead… and get that money back penalty-free if you need it.

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Let's talk about personal loans

The skinny on personal loans: no one type of loan fits everyone's need, but a personal loan may be the way to make purchases and manage debt responsibly.

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Skip the credit card debt on your next vacation

It's best to save in advance, but if you do need to pay ahead for unexpected travel, consider a personal vacation loan that doesn't wreck your budget.

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Consider your finance options when making a big-ticket purchase

Before you run another Google search for the best prices, let's explore all your financing options to get that new flatscreen installed before kickoff.

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About Kasasa

We believe your money should do more... for you and your community. Founded in 2003, Kasasa is a financial and technology services company working to help empower consumers to take control of their finances and be proud of their money by banking locally with community banks and credit unions in your neighborhood, that you know and trust.

These local institutions have roots in their communities, care about people over profits, and are actively invested in local businesses to help keep the economy strong (unlike some of the megabanks we could name).

We believe you shouldn't have to choose between the best banking products, the best customer experience, or keeping your money local, where it can do more good. We've created ethical banking products and partnered exclusively with community banks and credit unions. So you can have it all.

Kasasa accounts are available at community financial institutions around the country. Find one near you at to get free checking that pays cash rewards, the only loan with Take-Backs, and more. All while keeping your money in the community, so you can always be proud of your money.