How To Avoid Impulse Purchases
How To Avoid Impulse Purchases
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How To Avoid Impulse Purchases

Avoid budget-busting impulse purchases by following these simple steps


  1. Make a list for every shopping trip you go on. (Lists aren't just for groceries!)

  2. Stick to your list. This is the most important tip. (Well, unless you wrote, "Buy whatever you want" on your list. Then we have another problem.)

  3. If you see something you have to have that isn't on the list, don't buy it yet. Wait one week to see if you still want it or if it was unnecessary.

  4. While you wait out the week, read reviews on the product online to see if it's really worth the money. You can also look for coupons or rebates to help you save if you decide to make the purchase.

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