Best Day Ever | Kasasa

100,000 acts of kindness in just one day.

Are you up for the challenge?

In partnership with Charlie Rocket’s Dream Machine Foundation, Kasasa and community banks and credit unions across the country are working together to make November 3 the Best Day Ever! Our goal is to impact 100,000 lives by performing 100,000 acts of kindness in a single day. And we want you to be a part of it. Celebrate the Best Day Ever with a local financial institution near you!

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Connect with a community bank or credit union in your area to help us complete 100,000 acts of kindness in one day – November 3.


Influencer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Charlie Rocket founded Dream Machine USA to help people who have hit rock bottom. He'll be working with Kasasa to make inspiring, life-changing dreams come true on the "Small Town, Big Dreams" Tour from September 15 to October 15. Check Charlie's socials to see if the Dream Machine will be in your area. And if you're in Los Angeles on November 3, you can attend Charlie's Best Day Ever event! 

The Best Day Ever is open to anyone who wants to make a positive impact in their community.

  1. Join through a kindness event. Use the map above to see all the community financial institutions hosting events in your area. Visit your local financial institution's website or contact them directly for event details. Check Charlie Rocket's social media channels for updates on the "Small Town, Big Dreams Tour" and his very own Best Day Ever event in Los Angeles.
  2. Join on your own. You don't need to attend an event to make an impact! Come up with your own acts of kindness — from giving an uplifting note to a stranger to passing out care packages to the needy. You can inspire your own wave of kindness in your community.

You don't have to wait for November 3 to get involved in the Best Day Ever. Raise awareness of our mission to promote positivity on social media with #KasasaLove.

There are so many ways you can show people kindness. Volunteering with community causes is always a huge help (not to mention fulfilling). The little things make a big difference too. Here are a few ideas:
  • Open a door for a stranger.
  • Help a neighbor carry their groceries.
  • Pick up trash off the sidewalk.
  • Buy a cup of coffee for the next person in line.
  • Tell someone how much they matter.
You'd be amazed to see what a few kind words can do. Make sure to tell us all about it and what it meant to you. If you received an act of kindness, tell us about that too! Share your experiences on social media using #KasasaLove, so we can reach our 100k goal and inspire others to join in.