About Kasasa


Kasasa is not a bank but we believe in better banking. We are a technology company committed to helping community banks and credit unions preserve the human element in banking and keep more money in their community where it can do more good. Our partner institutions are down the street from you, with established roots in your community, a commitment to great service, and are actively invested in local businesses to help keep the economy strong.

Preserving the human connection in banking

We believe everyone should have access to the best banking products without sacrificing the personal touch and excellent service for which community banks and credit unions are known. We support neighborhood institutions that you know and trust, put you first, and fund small businesses to grow the local economy. 

Badass banking products

Kasasa products help people take control of their finances. They reward you, make you more secure, and help you make the most of your money.

Real people, real connections

We only partner with community banks and credit unions, run by people in your neighborhood and known for their commitment to customer service.

Committed to the cause

We’ll never stop fighting to help local financial institutions because we believe in keeping money local where it can do more good.

Our story

3,400+ branches nationwide offer Kasasa, helping us create “overnight” success.1

In 2003, we had a vision. We wanted to help community banks and credit unions, who were so dedicated to the people in their area and preserving the human element of banking. We did this by providing them with the best products to take back market share from the megabanks and keep banking local.
Now, closing out our second decade, that vision has grown into Kasasa, a nationwide network of community banks and credit unions. These local institutions have roots in their communities, a commitment to treating people like people, and are actively invested in neighborhood businesses to help keep the economy strong.
2020 changed everything. Many consumers were already embracing digital banking solutions. But now it's not just an option — it's the expectation. And we are working to help our partners deliver the best service online, just like they do in their branches.
You might not have heard of us before, but we’ve been doing this for a while. We’ve worked hard to get here, and our success has not been “overnight.” Together, Kasasa and community financial institutions around the country are committed to helping people take control of their finances while also helping build local economies and doing more good.

If all of the community financial institutions offering Kasasa were a single financial institution, it would represent the 4th largest branch banking network in the nation. 

3 million+
accounts opened in all 50 states2
$2.7 billion+
in rewards given back by community financial institutions3

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